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100% Mexican

Tequila, probably Mexico’s most recognized beverage worldwide, is a distilled liquor from Jalisco, made from blue agave plant, mainly in the surrounding areas of the beautiful town of Tequila, 40 miles northwest of Guadalajara.


Also known as silver. Its main characteristic is that it’s colorless, bottled almost right after being distilled. It contains soft notes with a citric taste.


Similar to silver tequila, but in this case, the liquor rests in oak barrels for 2 months. This type of barrel provides a light woody flavor to the body of the beverage. The key is not letting it sit in the barrels more than a year.


This version is aged for more than a year, letting it mature in brand new barrels. They are usually 3 years old, with a strong oaky taste.

100% Mexican

Mezcal is elaborated in 9 different states of the Mexican country, made through the distillation of agave hearts. There are several kinds of agave (also called maguey), each one of them producing a different type of mezcal. Unlike tequila, mezcal can be mixed with other ingredients, like fruit and spices.


It means young, as it’s literally unaged mezcal.


Placed in wood barrels between 2 and 9 months. Elaborated with 100% agave or mixed mezcals.


Aged for a minimum of 12 months, up to 4 years.


Usually produced in Oaxaca, with their most predominant agave.


Made from the most famous wild agave.


The agave used for this mezcal takes up to 30 years to reach its maturity. The result is an extremely flavored spirit.


Tequila La Cofradía

Satisfying the most demanding palates is one of the missions of “Cofradia”. Made respecting the traditions for manufacturing: process used in masonry ovens, baking the agave for 40 hours with steam, grinding is performed by Struder and yeast naturally extracted from the agave itself.

The drink belongs to a special reserve by their Master Distiller. The authentic Quality 100% agave is a delight to the palate, Tequila “La Cofradia” is made to be drunk in a Riedel glass.

Awarded Tequila in San Francisco International Spirits Competition 2012.

Blanco | Reposado | Añejo

Tequila El Berrinche

“Tequila made art”. Their tequilas are made through a thorough selection of blue agave, analyzed one at the time and hand-picked. Cooked in masonry built ovens, with a traditional elaboration process.

The liquor is packaged in artisan made bottles, hand-painted one by one, each bottle being different than the rest of the production.

This is an exclusive product, 100% made by Mexican hands.

Mezcal Lo Verás

“Taste. You will see.” It’s their invitation. It’s a simple thing, but they believe a taste of their award-winning mezcals will be your revelation to what mezcals can be. Refined, artisanal mezcals that are full of character, but deliver a balanced experience whether you mix or sip. Mezcals that challenge the myths about this traditional Oaxacan spirit.

Mezcal Mala Idea

Mala Idea Mezcal (translated “Bad Idea”) is a celebration to all of the men and women who have followed their passions regardless of the risks and challenges they present.

They are committed to producing the best Mezcal made with only the ripest and most mature agaves. From semi-cultivated/wild Espadin to the truly wild agaves such as Tobala, Cuishe, and Tepextate, wehandcraft our Mezcal in micro batches to ensure the absolute best quality and best tasting Mezcal on the market.

Ensamble | Cuishe | Añejo | Espadin | Tepextate | Tobala

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